Write For Us

Write For Us

Techreport welcomes contributions from writers, content creators, journalists and photographers from around the world.

We cover tech news, entertain and local business profiles. We also publish a number of columns and opinion pieces.

Techreport is an opportunity for journalists and photographers to give a voice to our community and gain valuable exposure and experience in the process.

The benefits

By allowing Techreport to host your content, you won’t have to worry about setting up a blog, fighting for the eyes of readers or paying for web hosting. Authors for Techreport are credited by name and add every article they publish to their portfolio of work, meaning it’ll be easier to show off your experience in both writing and authoring work that appeals to a tech-savvy audience.


The writing position on Techreport is a volunteer position. This means that, if you accept the role, you perform all your duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work – neither Techreport nor Volunteer intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created i.e. you are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant Techreport. You will however still get acknowledgement for your work and full credits will be given for your writing.

If this changes at any time, and there is a possibility that you might undertake paid work for Techreport or be involved in vocational training, Techreport will discuss this with you and document the arrangement in a formal employment contract, contract for services or other arrangement

Submission requirements & acceptable topics

As with any news site, there are a few conditions and qualifiers to have your work published on Techreport.

Topics that will be considered for publication include:

  • Technology news no more than 1 week old
  • Game reviews for recent releases
  • Apps
  • Tech gadgets
  • Opinion pieces on recent innovations in the tech field
  • Video game retrospectives, i.e. popular series or postmortems on recent to semi-recent releases
  • Hardware and software guides


With that in mind, submissions that will be considered for publication should adhere to the following qualifications:

  • Any news articles must be considered current unless it is an update on an important piece of older news; If it’s more than 1 week old, it’s probably no longer new
  • Pick a nice and attracting title and image for the cover of your story.
  • All links included in your article will be screened before publication, but please refrain from including spam or links to unrelated topics
  • Authors may link to their own content or social media, but try to keep from over-saturating your work with links to outside content
  • Images in your article should be owned by you or otherwise safe to widely publish
  • Your article may receive small edits before publication
  • Articles containing the main subject focussing on something else other than tech will be rejected.


 Contribution contact information

Still interested? If you think you’re able to produce the sort of content that would fit nicely here at Techreport, we encourage you to get in contact with us with potential article topics, questions, or any concerns you might have. We strive to keep the world updated on the latest happenings in the world of technology and we certainly won’t keep you in the dark when it comes to contributing.

You can send us a brief pitch to: