WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster review

WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster review

Bad reception can ruin a good phone conversation, and getting a good signal in some areas in your home or work space can be quite challenging. Cell phone boosters amplify the signal to help mobile devices keep working and communicating in weak or dead zones. The best cell phone signal boosters can make sure you and your cell phone service stay connected when you're at home. And with more of us working at home these days due to the coronavirus pandemic, a good cellular connection has become a necessity.

In this review we take a look at the WilsonPro A500 Signal Booster Kit. The signal booster combines industrial design and power with customer-friendly pricing at the cost of only R9440.00 . It’s a booster with up to 72dB of boost, 4G and LTE capability, and a variety of install options and it works for all phones & mobile networks. MTN, Cell C, Vodacom, and Telkom.

Bolton Technical South Africa sent us one for review purposes and we’ve been playing with it for a while and we are ready to tell you what we found.

The WilsonPro A500 is a cellular signal booster and antenna pair which acts as a transceiver for people needing coverage for a large home or buildings up to 500* sq meters.

What’s in the box?
Wilson Pro A500 Cell Phone Booster
Inside Wall Panel Antenna
Outside Directional Antenna
3 x Low Loss Cables (10m White; 1m & 15m Black)
Surge Protector

How it works

The outdoor antenna receives and transmits signal to nearby cellphone towers. 

The amplifier boosts the signal coming to and from and going to the cell phone tower. The gain of the amplifier describes how strong the amplification is.

The indoor antenna rebroadcasts the signal inside the building.

The WilsonPro A500 Booster can be installed by anyone who feels comfortable doing simple home repairs and running cabling. If you’re not comfortable doing that kind of work, you might consider finding a local electronics installer.

Setting up this device was certainly not the most difficult, though we had some instances of frustration. The first step of the process was standard procedure using an iPhone to identify the outside location with the strongest signal in order to determine where to plant the antenna. 

For our testing, we didn’t mount the antenna to a pole or a pipe,rather, we propped it in an area with the best signal and connected one end of the cable to the antenna and the other to the booster. As for the antenna inside, it comes separately, so users have to screw it onto the side of the booster. Then, it’s a simple matter of connecting the power supply to the booster and then to an outlet.

We did encounter a few snags but detailed instructions in the User Manual helped.

The WilsonPro A500 is meant to cover up to 500 square metres which is quite decent range considering the hardware, design, and price point. Of course, coverage largely depends on the signal received from the outdoor antenna.

It’s frustrating: coverage outdoors is great, but your building materials prevent signal from getting into your home or office. But no need to worry - this kind of situation is actually where the A500 Booster works best.

When signal outside is strong, a cell signal amplifier acts similarly to a speaker system that is being fed by a strong feed from a microphone. It doesn't matter how much your voice is amplified – the maximum volume of the speaker system you've installed is much more important.

We were quite impressed with the A500, it works. With proper installation, you can expect a significant increase in indoor signal (anywhere from 1-5 bars). 

Is a cell phone booster worth it?
The answer here really depends. But consider: how much did you spend on your last phone? How much do you pay annually for your cell service? Spending money on a signal booster to make sure you're getting reliable coverage and the best data rates is quite worth it, we rely on our phones a great deal nowadays. From engaging in work activities to consuming news, we have become quite the data-driven population. If you face connectivity issues you should definitely invest in the WilsonPro A500 Booster Kit for your home or office.

To this end, weak cellular signals can disrupt our productivity and sense of awareness of the world around us. Consumers who access Internet through their cell phone provider instead of Wifi will see marked improvement with the WilsonPro A500.