Standard Bank issues out a statement to its customers on the coronavirus

Standard Bank issues out a statement to its customers on the coronavirus

Standard Bank has issued out a statement on the Coronavirus

"Global and local events related to the spread of COVID-19 are rapidly unfolding. Our daily routines have been disrupted by constant news streams advising us of the latest developments, new impacts and tips and trends in dealing with the spread of the virus. It's hard not to be overrun by all the information that we are getting.

We have no doubt that this has been extremely disruptive. It has impacted you personally, your family and household, your business, customers and your employees. Thuma mina - We are all in this together. I want to lend a hand - Send me.

As we have come to grips with this new reality that is facing us, we have all made the necessary plans in our different environments, and prioritised our individual requirements so that we can continue to work, interact, and contribute to the society in which we live.

Let me outline our priorities for you. Our first priority has been to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We have initiated social distancing in our places of work, we are continuing to roll out the necessary infrastructure to ensure that information and health and sanitary equipment is distributed to our employees. We have also instituted wide ranging and non-negotiable travel bans both locally and internationally to ensure that we follow guidelines and rules set by the government and the World Health Organisation. We have put procedures in place to minimise social contact at our place of work - meetings and gatherings are to be done digitally to avoid close interpersonal contact. We need to do this because we care. Our employees are our most important asset, and we as a collective are here to serve you.

Your day to day functions and operations are facing many challenges. We are here to assist and guide you to ensure that you receive the necessary uninterrupted service and systems to be able to function effectively in these challenging circumstances. Our call centres, private bankers and relationship managers are there to assist you. Plans are in place to ensure that this is done effectively and efficiently.

We encourage all our customers to review and adopt our digital offerings. It provides a convenient, safe, secure and immediate platform to fulfil your individual banking needs.

With these digital capabilities, individuals can manage account limits, make payments to local or international beneficiaries, settle traffic fines, download and send statements or apply for a personal loan from almost anywhere and at any time.

Some of the other digital features available to Standard Bank clients allow for individuals to:

  • Buy, send, store or spend foreign currency via the award-winning Shyft Forex App. The app's features have been enhanced so that it is easier to track currency performance and movements. Download it from the App or Playstore.
  • Send money quickly and safely via Instant Money to and from 6 000 locations around the country and to anyone with a cellphone number. Employers can pay staff in this way. Available on Internet Banking and the App.
  • Stay connected by accessing prepaid airtime, data and electricity via Standard Bank Internet Banking and the App.
  • Increase contributions to an emergency or savings fund, linked to an individual’s profile on the Standard Bank Mobile App.
  • The Mobile App is free, no data necessary to transact.
  • Increase limits, open accounts, and manage card functionality on the App and Internet Banking.
  • Download Snapscan from the Play or App store for a seamless point of sale transaction capability. You need not be a Standard Bank customer to use this capability.

Meanwhile, business owners do not have to leave their operations to tend to the financial aspect of the business such as purchasing electricity, paying staff, taking out a loan or managing limits on credit cards when using Internet Banking or the App.

We do understand that in any business or personal financial cycle there can be challenges in meeting financial obligations. These challenges may be heightened especially in times of economic downturns and crisis. Customers who are in financial distress should contact the bank as soon as possible. The sooner the bank is informed, the sooner both parties can find a workable solution to address or resolve issues of financial distress. It is not in Standard Bank's interest to see a business fail, or a home lost. It is in both parties' interest to find a workable solution. We do urge customers to contact the bank should they experience difficulties."

Visit for a full view of the functionality and benefits of digital banking. It is safe, secure, instant and convenient, and can be used 24/7 at a venue of your choosing. There is no need to visit a branch. Our call centre agents can be reached on 0860 123 000 to guide you through your queries, advise you on how best to become a digital customer or assist you with your immediate banking needs.