Smart Toilet Bidet Installation


What is a Bidet ?

A Bidet is a specialized type of bathroom fixture that can spray a targeted stream of water to wash a person’s undercarriage after use of the toilet. Bidets are common in Europe, Asia, and South America, and we are introducing them to South Africa.

Installing a bidet onto your toilet seat is quite easy. The bidet requires no electricity to function. The idea of using water to clean one's nether regions can make anyone feel uneasy, but it's more pleasant than you may imagine.

Benefits of using a Smart Toilet bidet.

  1. Better personal hygiene. Experts suggest that cleaning with toilet paper and water is much better for you than cleaning with toilet paper alone.
  2. Easier cleaning. For many people with mobility issues, it's hard to reach down there and clean up with toilet paper. With a bidet, it's much easier.
  3. Eco-friendliness. Bidet use is much better for the environment than using paper made from trees.
  4. Reduced risk of plumbing issues. With less toilet paper going through your pipes, there's a reduced chance of clogging. This is especially true if you use flushable wipes too.

Need to buy a Smart Toilet Bidet ?

You can buy the bidet on the Smart Toilet South Africa website. Use the link below

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