People infected with the coronavirus in South Africa and where they live

People infected with the coronavirus in South Africa and where they live

Media Hack has published a regularly updated dashboard which provides an overview of the COVID-19 coronavirus in South Africa, including the infection rate, who is infected, and where they live.

The company’s managing partner, Alastair Otter, said what started out as just an idea on Sunday morning has turned into a wild ride.

On Sunday, he made a dashboard to track confirmed coronavirus infections in South Africa, made it publicly available, and shared the link on social media on Monday.

“By Monday evening there were as many as 100 people viewing the dashboard at any one time. Tuesday morning peaked at 200 concurrent users,” said Otter.

By Thursday morning, the page has passed 30,000 views. “The response has been amazing, with people tweeting and emailing us with words of encouragement,” he said.

Otter said that after launching the project, he had to modify the underlying code significantly to improve performance.

“Laura [his partner] has had to do the hard work of turning the growing list of infections released by the Department of Health and NICD into something useful for the dashboard,” he said.

Media Hack’s Coronavirus in South Africa dashboard is available here.

Coronavirus in South Africa Dashboard

Media Hack’s Coronavirus in South Africa dashboard is updated daily with the latest statistics from the Department of Health and the National Institute for Communicable Diseases.

The latest statistics show that there were 150 coronavirus cases in South Africa, with most infections occurring in the Gauteng, the Western Cape, and Kwazulu-Natal.

More males than females are infected and most of the affected people are aged between 20 and 60.

The images below, which were taken from the Coronavirus in South Africa dashboard, provide an overview of coronavirus statistics in South Africa.