Betting Sites South Africa

Betting Sites South Africa

With the development of the Internet, betting in South Africa is gaining popularity every day. Every year dozens of new bookmakers appear, offering customers favorable welcome bonuses, a wide line and other interesting gambling offers. Betting began to interest not only people who just love sports, but those who are obsessed with excitement and love the heat of passion from a sports game

Bookmakers in South Africa are primarily companies that accept sports betting online absolutely legally. 

 In the competitive struggle, sports betting operators attract customers through the use of various marketing techniques and large-scale advertising campaigns.

The team of our website conducted a thorough analysis of the activities of representatives of the gambling business and based on these data formed its rating of the best betting sites in South Africa. 

Undoubtedly, this list will help you to get acquainted with all the companies that make bets on their official website, and eventually choose the resource that best suits you.

Today, two dozen offices are officially operating in the betting market of South Africa. However, the number of citizens who have turned sports betting into a favorite hobby is growing exponentially. It is worth assuming that over time new companies will appear in the country and, of course, they will take a worthy place in our rating.

What is a legal bookmaker

We emphasize that in this rating of the best bookmakers, only legal companies appear, which are also additionally included in TOP Betting Apps South Africa. How to distinguish them from those who act outside the law? It's very simple.

The main feature of a legal company is, of course, the presence of an official permit from the authorities of the country to carry out activities for accepting sports betting online. 

Such licenses are issued by the market regulator - the Gambling Committee of South Africa, as well as the licensing authorities of Curacao and Malta. 

As a rule, the documents are indefinite, but periodically their owners must update them. This information is usually located at the bottom of the site. The license number and licensing authority are indicated there. If there is no such information on the site, then you should think about whether you should trust this company at all.

How to choose a bookmaker

Many players start their way in betting with the question of how to choose Betting Sites South Africa, so as not to get hooked by scammers.

 Especially for beginners (although this article may also be useful for experienced players), we have prepared a special rating of companies and told how to choose a bookmaker. 

When forming the list, the experts of the portal studied the activities of bookmakers to the smallest detail literally under a microscope.

 In particular, we took into account the following criteria:

People's Choice

It is not surprising that it was the people's choice that we put on the first step of our rating. Reviews of real players, as a rule, can say much more about the choice of not only Betting Sites than the description of the company, its license or other determining factors.

And if most of the reviews about the company are good, then it will definitely get into our rating and deserve your attention.


This criterion takes into account a huge array of information.

First of all, the reliability of the bookmaker is the availability of a license and the good work of the support group, which we will also tell in detail.

But the main thing is always checking the license and not only its availability, but carefully look at the year when it was issued. For your information: the license of Malta is valid for three years, and Curacao - five years. Make sure that the license is still up to date at the time of the game.


Also pay attention to the age and reputation of the company. If a company has been around for a long time, it usually means that it is reliable. 

Sports line

It is important that the Betting Sites South Africa line includes all popular sports, including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, horse racing. According to statistics, these disciplines account for about 90% of all bets made by African players. 

In the list of the best bookmakers, in addition to the standard ones (outcomes, totals and odds), additional sports bets are presented:

  • The effectiveness of the players.
  • Long-term betting on top tournaments.
  • Bets on statistics.
  • Combined bets.

Also, it is worth considering that in TOP Betting Apps South Africa, the sports line should be completely similar to the site. This should also have weight when choosing a sports betting company.


The lower the margin in the company, the higher the coefficient and the win if the bet passes. We calculate and regularly update the coefficients of all legal offices in South Africa according to a single methodology. Separately, we calculate the margin for the most popular sports: football, tennis, basketball. And also by the level of leagues — for top competitions and mid-level tournaments, where the commission can be one and a half to two times higher. 



This is the bookmaker's commission included in the quotes. The higher it is, the lower the coefficients. This also works in the opposite direction. The profit of long-distance players depends on the margin. Pay attention to those companies whose margin is no more than 5%.

Selection of bids

The greater the choice of different events and bets, the easier it is to choose a bet that will perfectly reflect the result of the forecast and analysis of pre-match layouts. 

Therefore, the number of bets is a good indicator of the line's competitiveness, and for customers it is an important characteristic of how convenient it will be to place bets on a particular Betting Sites in South Africa.

Live service

The vast majority of bets are placed during the match, and the weight of this list increases every year. When choosing Betting Sites South Africa, it is also necessary to take into account the number of Live betting offers, the speed of betting acceptance, how quickly the bet is calculated, as well as the number of video broadcasts and events with info graphics.

E-sports betting

This betting rating takes into account the specifics of the new direction. Offices often receive data for forming lines on CS:GO and Dota 2 from other providers and increase margins. Some seriously limit the limits; others are late with updating quotes in Live, not keeping up with the rapid development of the situation on the game map. At the top of this list will be companies that are really nice to bet on e-sports.

Payment systems and withdrawal speed

In the best companies, at least ten different ways of depositing and withdrawing funds should be available. It is desirable that electronic wallets and direct bank transfers are supported, because not all bettors have plastic cards. At the same time, the presence of crypto-currency as the main currency of the account also speaks about the modernity of the company and its progress.

The withdrawal speed is also important. In top companies in South Africa, cash-out should not be engaged for more than 72 hours for a bank transfer and no more than 24 hours for an electronic wallet.

At the same time, leading Bookmakers who are included in the TOP Betting Apps South Africa rating in terms of the level of development of their programs are required to offer the same set of payment services as the current version of the site.

Additional operator products

As you know, a good operator should not be limited exclusively to sports betting and Virtual sports. He should also offer his clients other gambling entertainment: casinos, bingo, TV lotteries and of course a live casino with professional dealers. 

Mobile applications and mobile version of the site

Everything is also quite simple here. Those operators that offer TOP Betting Apps South Africa take into account such services in their programs:

  • The possibility of depositing and withdrawing funds;
  • Availability of sports broadcasts;
  • Impact on device performance and page loading speed;
  • User-friendliness of the interface on the mobile version;
  • Stable and high-quality connection.

Bonuses and promotions

The last in our list, but far from the last in importance when choosing Betting Sites South Africa - promotions and various additional gifts from the company.

In the competitive struggle, bookmakers attract customers with various bonuses and promotions, prize draws and valuable gifts. Indeed, it is always nice to accept gifts. Especially if they are of practical use. 

Perhaps the main bonus in each office is a welcome gift. Most often it is 100% on the amount of the first deposit. This bonus is probably an unspoken rule of every bookmaker.

Also, beginners in betting can make one or more bets without spending their own funds. This bonus is called a no deposit free-bet. In fact, this is virtual money that the company provides to the user for making a trial bet. Since it is completely unknown whether a novice player will like the process and whether he will replenish his account, the operator risks a little, even if not with real money. It is no wonder that not everyone has such a bonus in their arsenal. Of course, companies with no deposit free-bet have more chances to enter the top 5 bookmakers in South Africa.

Let's note a few more types of rewards from Bookmakers, which operators provide to both beginners and current users. 

Here are the most popular types of bonuses:

  • Free bet - an opportunity to make a free bet.
  • Cash-back - refund of part of the funds from turnover or only lost on a bet.
  • Insurance - compensation of part of the money in case of an unsuccessful bet.
  • Increased coefficient - an opportunity to make a bet with an increased quote.

Bookmakers who figure at the top of our rating often organize special promotions for clients. Usually projects are timed to high-profile sports matches or significant dates. Sometimes companies arrange sweepstakes of valuable prizes on the principle of a lottery or taking into account the activity of players.

Basic Rules of Betting Sites South Africa

Each bookmaker sets its own rules of the game. Usually, when registering, the company asks to read the relevant document and agree with its contents. Unfortunately, many users check the checkbox and don't even open the file. This is reckless, because in the event of a conflict situation, you will not be able to challenge your point of view if the office warned you in advance about the "inadmissibility of certain actions" or "that the company reserves the right" to some action. 

Therefore, we recommend that you always carefully familiarize yourself with the rules of the betting game. This really helps to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

As already mentioned, all companies have their own set of rules. However, there are also common points that should be emphasized:

  • Legal companies register only adult citizens. For this purpose, there is a mandatory identification and verification of documents, during which the bookmaker verifies that you are a real person and you are 18 years old.
  • Legal offices in South Africa make bets on real money only in world currencies (dollars and euros) or in their national currency.  
  • The company's rules in no way contradict the provisions of the federal legislation on gambling and online sports betting.


All bookmakers are evaluated according to parameters such as reliability, variability of live and pre-match bets, attractiveness of coefficients, ease of use and online support. This is only the visible part of the "iceberg". In addition, in order to understand which bookmaker is better, experts studied reviews of companies from real users.

It is thanks to the rating of bookmakers that you will be able to find lines with maximum odds choose the offices with the best painting and read reviews of customers who have already registered and are playing in a specific office that is interesting to you. In addition, you will find out where you can watch the matches of the Top championships for free. 

Bonuses for new bettors are available on the page of each bookmaker: doubling of the first deposit, free-bets, prize draws. There you can also contact the bookmaker, get acquainted with the ways of withdrawing money and share your betting experience in the office. 

Choose Betting Sites South Africa and start winning right now!

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