Netflix launches “Play Something” and “Fast Laughs” on Android

Netflix is making it easier for users on its mobile app to find something to watch in its vast library of movies and TV shows.

Netflix launches “Play Something” and “Fast Laughs” on Android

The streaming giant has launched its shuffling feature “Play Something” globally on the Android app.

The feature initially rolled out to TV devices — including smart TVs and streaming boxes — in April 2021.

Selecting the Play Something button lets Netflix choose a movie or TV show for you to watch.

The service recommends content using an algorithm based on your viewing history and taste.

If you click the button again, Netflix will start playing one of the following:

  • A brand new series or film
  • A series or movie you’re already watching
  • A series or movie on your list
  • An unfinished series or movie you may want to revisit

MyBroadband found the feature was live on a Samsung Galaxy S20 running the Android Netflix app version 8.2.1 build 9 400022.

It appeared as a pinned widget at the bottom right of the screen overlayed over the app’s home page.

Netflix said it would begin testing Play Something on the iOS app in the coming months.

Separately, the service has also launched the “Fast Laughs” feature on Android mobile devices in select countries, including South Africa.

The TikTok-like section has been available on iOS since early March.

Fast Laughs can now be accessed on Android devices via the bottom tab of the mobile app and presents users with a series of comedy snippets from Netflix’s TV shows that users can scroll through.

The short clips can help you decide whether a show’s jokes might be to your taste and include a “Play” button that takes you to the particular show’s catalogue.

In the coming months, Netflix is also bringing its Downloads for You tool to iOS, which initially launched on Android earlier this year.

This feature lets users select to let Netflix automatically download content based on your viewing history while connected to the Internet, so you can watch it offline later.

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