Huawei GT2 Review

Huawei GT2 Review

Huawei is quickly becoming one of the new big players in the world of technology, with slick and clever devices capable of competing with the big names – minus the price tag.

The Huawei GT 2 Pro certainly falls into the latter camp, with a luxurious look and tailored fitness tracking for all sorts of tech worthy activities such as downhill skiing and triathlon training.

We’ve put Huawei’s high-end smartwatch through its paces, diving into the various features and seeing how they perform as well as assessing its overall usability, battery capabilities and health-tracking functions.

You can find an overall summary of the model below, along with quick links to the various sections of our detailed review, including design, value for money and where you can buy the smartwatch.

Huawei GT 2 Pro review

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is a sleek, titanium watch with a luxe look and feel without being too weighty. The sapphire glass watch face makes for a crisp, clear and scratch-resistant touch screen that is reactive and quick to load.

There is a wide range of sports tracking options available, including triathlon, golf driving range and skiing monitoring capabilities.

The watch can store up to 500 songs and can wirelessly connect to Huawei earbuds. While the device is compatible with iOS, the music control function is currently unavailable from the watch if you are using an iPhone.

There are two external buttons on the right side of the large, circular watch face. Styled as traditional watch dials, they add to the classic aesthetic of the device.

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is the brand’s high-end smartwatch offering and retails for R5999. It is available in a black “fluoroelastomer” rubber-style or a grey-brown leather strap.

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What is the Huawei GT 2 Pro?

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is available in Night Black and Nebula Grey, with many watch faces available to choose from within the smartphone app. Huawei

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is a sleek, high-end smartwatch. The model is made from titanium with a large, circular watch face and external dials to mirror the style of a classic watch. The wearable technology tracks various fitness and health metrics and connects with a smartphone app to record this data and interrogate it further.

What does the Huawei GT 2 Pro do?

The advanced smartwatch can track varied sports programs, has GPS and route tracking capabilities, and monitors health features such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels and sleep.

Using Bluetooth, the watch connects to Android and iOS smartphones to provide further insight and monitoring of the health and fitness data it tracks. It can also display notifications such as messages, calls and payment transactions.

Key features:

  • More than 100 workout modes, including golf driving range, skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing and triathlon
  • Barometer and compass in addition to standard functions such as time, date and alarms
  • Stores up to 500 songs with fair volume and sound quality, plus wireless pairing capabilities to Huawei earbuds
  • VO2max and SpO2 monitoring, plus heart rate, stress and sleep tracking
  • Severe weather warnings and “route back” feature which uses GPS points to plot a route home
  • Remote shutter function can take a photo on your phone from your smartwatch

How much is Huawei GT 2 Pro?

The Huawei GT 2 Pro retails at R5999, making it a premium, high-end smartwatch offering from the tech brand.

Is the Huawei GT 2 Pro good value for money?

Overall, this model is well-priced and good value. Even without considering the watch’s health and fitness features, the quality of the sleek materials and luxury look and feel of the watch make it a reasonably priced model compared with traditional, non-smart watches of a similar style.

The varied fitness tracking functions, additional health tracking and GPS features elevate this model above those designed for everyday usage.

Huawei GT 2 Pro design

The smart Huawei GT 2 Pro has a titanium body with a round, sapphire glass watch face that is resistant to scratching. There are compass markings around the screen’s exterior plus two buttons to control various functions on the face’s right side. Styled as classic dials, they add to the design’s traditional watch look, although they can occasionally catch.

The combination of two buttons plus touchscreen functionality to navigate all the watch’s features can take getting used to. Most users will be used to either solely touchscreen devices or a single home button, rather than combining three methods to navigate.

Despite this, both the buttons and touchscreen are responsive and function well overall. Swiping down on the home screen reveals key features such as battery status, sleep mode and the settings menu in the same familiar manner as most smartphones.

The smartwatch looks and feels high quality, with a large watch face that has a crisp and clear display. This model boasts a larger screen size and quality titanium build without the expected weight, making it ideal for daily use and wear during workouts.

There are various home screen watch faces to choose from on the watch, with more available to easily download from the compatible smartphone app.

Huawei GT 2 Pro features

The Huawei GT 2 Pro has advanced activity tracking, including for specialist snow sports.

One of the Huawei GT 2 Pro’s key draws is the extensive list of activity tracking options.

In addition to running, walking, and swimming, users can monitor more adventurous and winter sports, including golf driving range, rowing, cross country skiing, snowboarding, and triathlon modes. These have specialised monitoring, such as strokes per minute for rowing and total descent for skiing.

There is even the option to add further activities in an extended menu, ranging from yoga and roller-skating to belly dancing and parachuting. In these instances, the watch will record the standard time, heart rate and calories burned under the specific activity, rather than specialised additional details.

There are 13 running programs available to try on the watch for various intensities and lengths of time. However, there are no guided fitness general programs on this model as there is on the standard Huawei Watch Fit.

The programs record movements, locations and distance accurately, and the watch automatically detects when you start exercising and offers to record it for you. It similarly vibrates and offers to pause the program should you stop, making it easy to keep track of your performance.

In terms of health, this model offers advanced heart rate tracking, blood oxygen level monitoring (SpO2), plus VO2max. Huawei describes its VO2max feature as monitoring “the maximum rate of oxygen consumption measured during incremental exercise” and adds that the level of “consumption reflects cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance.”

All data is recorded on the smartphone app, where further detail on all the recorded stats can be easily looked into.

There are also advanced weather features, including moon phases and tides, as well as weather warnings. The “route back” feature uses GPS points to plot a way back again, making it particularly suited to those who complete outdoor and adventurous sports.

Music can play from the watch, with the ability to store up to 500 songs and to connect wirelessly to Huawei earbuds. However, music functions across all Huawei smartwatches are currently incompatible with iOS, which is bad news if you have an iPhone.

What does the Huawei GT 2 Pro battery like?

The Huawei GT 2 Pro smartwatch has a maximum battery life of up to two weeks, depending on usage. The watch charges with a two-part device; a white disc and a USB lead. The lead plugs into the disc, which attaches magnetically to the back of the watch face.

The smartwatch charged at a reasonably fast pace and maintained levels well while in use. By swiping from the top of the home screen, the battery level can be displayed, and it is also shown clearly on the smartphone app.

The downside was the battery warning, which vibrated with a low power warning before instantly shutting down. Earlier, incremental warnings would be more useful, particularly as the battery level isn’t permanently visible on the home screen watch face.

Huawei GT 2 Pro set-up: how easy is it to use?

The smartwatch arrives in luxe packaging, as a black cube box with gold detailing and excellent presentation. The watch comes attached with the chosen strap and the two-piece charger, small quick start booklet and warranty card hidden from initial view.

There is no wall plug adapter included, so you will need a USB charge port or an existing adapter to charge the device.

The Huawei Health app can be easily located and downloaded on your relevant smartphone app store and is quick and intuitive to sign up to with basic information such as your height and birthday. Downloading an update once the watch had paired was fairly slow, however.

The device syncs with the app using Bluetooth and initially struggled to connect, although it paired successfully after a few attempts. Overall, the watch was partly charged, connected, updated and set up for use within half an hour.

Should you buy Huawei GT 2 Pro?

The Huawei GT 2 Pro is ideal for those looking for more advanced features and regularly complete more varied or adventurous outdoor activities. It is especially suited to those who use other Huawei devices. However, we wouldn’t recommend this watch if you have an iPhone or iOS device due to some functions being incompatible.

The high-quality look, slick design, and crisp display make it attractive even as a regular wristwatch, with the addition of accurate tracking of heart rate, sleep, and stress. Considering the price compared to other high-end models by other brands, it could also be a good choice even for those who won’t use some of the more advanced features daily.