Copy and paste between Android and Windows

Microsoft’s software keyboard tool SwiftKey is getting a new feature that will allow you to sync your clipboard between Android and Windows devices to copy and paste text between the two.

Copy and paste between Android and Windows

This feature comes with the latest version of SwiftKey Keyboard, version

The feature is called Cloud Clipboard and was previously available in a beta version in August earlier this year.

Cloud Clipboard needs to be enabled and set up on both devices before you can use it.

To enable the feature on Android:

  • Download the latest version of SwiftKey from Google Play
  • Open SwiftKey
  • Select Rich Input > Clipboard
  • Toggle on “Sync clipboard history to the cloud”
  • Sign in / Create a Microsoft account

To enable the feature on Windows:

  • Navigate to Windows Settings > System > Clipboard
  • Toggle on “Clipboard history”
  • Toggle on “Sync across devices”
  • Sign in to your Microsoft account

After completing these steps, your device clipboards should be synchronised.

The SwiftKey support page contains additional information about syncing your devices and troubleshooting guides.

The Cloud Clipboard will only save the last piece of text you copied and delete it after an hour.

SwiftKey has also assured that the copied data is encrypted and not processed or stored by the service.

It is uncertain whether the Cloud Clipboard feature will come to iOS devices in the future.

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