ANC Youth League website hacked

ANC Youth League website hacked

The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) website has been hacked and now redirects visitors to a pornography website.

“It has come to the attention of the ANC that the ANC Youth League website has been hacked and is now directing users to pornography sites,” the ANC said.

“Needless to say, such an association brings the Youth League and the ANC into disrepute.”

The ANC has a longstanding payment dispute with Unwembi Communications, which conducted the hosting and domain management for the political party.

Unwembi battled with the ANC for months over the nonpayment of hosting and development fees for the party’s website before taking control of the domain.

The ANC subsequently lost its bid to have the domain name and original website returned to it – requiring it to launch a new website at

It said it has a legal right to gain control of the website, however, which Unwembi is not honouring.

“The ANC would have delinked the porn site from the Youth League website itself had Unwembi honoured an arbitrator’s award to hand over ownership of the ANC website to the ANC,” the party said.

“This has not happened and we place on record that there is no legal basis for Unwembi not to return ownership, possession, and control of the ANC website, including the ANC Youth League website.”

ANC legal advisor Krish Naidoo implored the service provider to return ownership of the website back to the ANC Youth League and ANC.