The smart toilet bidets now available in South Africa

The smart toilet’s time have come in Aouth Africa and it is a potentially huge market for everyone who uses a toilet.

The smart toilet bidets now available in South Africa

The toilet's design has barely changed in 150 years until now. The current toilet settings don't actually leave you feeling clean down there. With the advent of smart toilets, this has changed. When you hear smart toilet all you hear is expensive. In actual fact that's not the case. A company called Smart Toilet has an entry-level bidet attachment that fit any toilet without any additional plumbing.

This smart toilet bidet attachment cost you only R1999.

A bidet toilet seat is a drop-in replacement for your existing toilet seat that ties into the water supply for your toilet. The basic concept uses a directed stream of water to clean the desired area of your body without the use of bathroom tissue. In my personal experience using these devices for the past five years, I do not require more than a few sheets total when drying off or even the use of bathroom tissue at all. Once I started using one, I found toilets not equipped with these devices to be comparatively primitive -- it's hard to go back to the old way of doing things once you start.

If you would like to change your toilet experience, order a smart toilet bidet attachment for your toilet today and you will thank me later.

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