5 Useful Features Coming in Android 11: Developer Preview 3 Edition

5 Useful Features Coming in Android 11: Developer Preview 3 Edition

Android 11 developer preview 3 dropped earlier this week as latest and probably the last developer preview for the next version of Android. Google will most likely start rolling out beta versions beginning next month. The Android 11 developer preview 3 (DP3) is available on all supported Pixel smartphones and if you were running the developer preview 2, chances are you would have already gotten the over-the-air (OTA) update notification for DP3. As expected, tech blogs and websites have been rummaging around the DP3 to find out all the cool new features this version brings and we can expect when Android 11 officially becomes available later this year.

It is important to note before going ahead that it is quite possible that some of the following features may not end up in the stable version of Android 11. Google, like other operating system makers, experiments with features before deciding what makes the most sense to include in the final version.

Without further ado, here are the five useful and interesting new features that are coming in Android 11 or are at least the part of Android 11 developer preview 3. The features that we are listing here are the consumer-facing changes, if you are interested in developer-specific changes, you can check our release report for Android 11 developer preview 3.

Larger previews in recent apps

According to XDA developers, Google has added larger previews in the recent apps screen in Android 11 DP3. As is visible in the screenshots below, the design of the actual preview is pretty much same as the previews in Android 11, however the size of the preview is much larger. Also, Google has added two new shortcuts in the form of screenshot and share. While the screenshot option will take a screenshot of the app that is showing up in the recent app screen, the share button takes the screenshot and opens the share sheet for quick sharing.