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Nextivity delivers improved in-store retail experiences with CEL-FI GO G43

Johannesburg 7 June 2024 – Duxbury Networking, a leading South African networking solutions distributor, says the Nextivity CEL-FI GO G43 multi-operator cellular coverage solution is the ideal connectivity-boosting solution for South African retailers and fast food outlets.

“The CEL-FI GO G43 delivers a fast and cost-effective way to improve mobile connectivity for customers, staff, and behind-the-scenes operations,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, Business Unit Manager at Duxbury Networking. “This latest addition perfectly complements the Nextivity CEL-FI portfolio, overcoming mobile coverage challenges in any building type, from small convenience stores to large distribution centres.”

Retail stores are becoming increasingly reliant on mobile connectivity for a range of applications, including cashless transactions, QR code access, and kiosk connectivity. Smartphones have become one of the primary touch points for the retailer to engage with the consumer.

Reliable mobile connectivity is also central to facilitating consumer credit applications for high-value items such as furniture, computers, and consumer electronics. The dynamically generated OTPs (one-time passcodes) required for strong customer authentication purposes and to progress the application are delivered via an SMS.

Whilst most retailers have invested in guest Wi-Fi systems, a proper setup and secure network requires shoppers to accept usage terms and conditions, which also involves generating an OTP for authentication purposes, deliverable via SMS or email, which they cannot receive before they are connected.

“Let us remember that most of these free Wi-Fi networks are not as secure as cellular networks where mobile operators ensure the environment is as safeguarded as possible. These security concerns, combined with the sign-up process and the need to accept usage terms, discourage most shoppers. As such they do not have connectivity, which in turn limits their spending power,” adds van Schalkwyk.

With many South African shoppers adopting a mobile-first approach, poor coverage makes for a disappointing experience, ultimately negatively impacting sales.

As with all Nextivity’s smart signal boosting systems, CEL-FI GO G43 features the world-class IntelliBoost chipset at its core. This enables CEL-FI solutions to reliably enhance all available mobile signals. CEL-FI GO G43 also does not interfere with other wireless devices.



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